What Do I Need to Know?

When comparing shingles, it’s important to know that not all shingles are created equal. You need to choose the ones that best suit the weather conditions in your area, the durability, and the aesthetics. An ideal roof is strong, attractive, and affordable.  Advanced Level Roofing offers a wide range of shingles to suit your needs. We will only guide you toward products that we know will work best for your property – and budget!  IKO residential roofing shingles are manufactured in Calgary, Alberta. We’re proud to offer top-quality, Canadian-made products. When it’s time to select shingles for your roof, our experts will guide you through the process and help you to find the perfect product!

Upgrade the Curb Appeal of Your Home with a Designer Roof

IKO Designer ShinglesIf you are looking for a roof with a beautiful aesthetic to further enhance your home’s curb appeal, you should consider IKO designer shingles. The three designer roofing shingles in this line have been created to simulate the look of cedar shakes or slate tiles – without the worry of maintenance! Adding to your home’s curb appeal by installing IKO designer products will attract potential home buyers. A top-quality roof adds value to any home!

Protect Your Home with Weather Resistant Shingles

Your roof should be built to maximize protection against weather conditions such as water penetration and wind uplift. It is an important layer of protection for your home. We have all seen the damage that severe weather can do to a home or building. In Canada, it is very common to experience weather events such as hail, high winds, and extreme storms, especially in cities like Edmonton, Alberta. Talk to our Edmonton roofing experts about the IKO Performance collection which includes IKO Dynasty and Nordic shingles. These products have also been reinforced with AmourZone which allows them to perform well in high-wind and severe weather.

You can protect your house while getting the rustic look that you have always wanted! Add to your home’s curb appeal by designing a durable and aesthetically-pleasing roof. The Woodmoor collection offers the look of rustic, wood shake shingles while delivering exceptional durability. IKO Woodmoor shingles are wind resistant up to 110kms per hour. They are built to withstand Canadian weather!

Want to Make a Statement?

IKO trudef duration storm shinglesFor a bold look, ask our experts about the TruDefinition Duration STORM Shingles with WeatherGuard Technology. These products are also designed to have a bold contrast and deep dimension. They can withstand winds up to 130 MPH. Additionally, they are also algae resistant for 10 years. This is a premium shingle that has been designed for a homeowner who is concerned about the effects that severe weather may have on their roof. Our Calgary, Alberta roofing experts can help you decide what roofing options work best for you!


IKO Traditional 3-Tab Shingles

These 3-tab shingles have withstood the test of time! They are an excellent choice for homeowners who are looking for a budget-friendly shingle that will protect their homes from the weather. IKO 3-tab shingles also offer colour blends that will complement the aesthetic of your home. IKO Marathon Plus AR shingles are a 3-tab shingle that is designed with a very durable fiberglass mat. This also helps to protect homes from the elements. These shingles contain blue-green algae-resistant granules that are embedded into the shingles which keeps these shingles looking great for many years!

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Advanced Level Roofing takes pride in being an IKO Craftsman Installer. We use only the best materials for every project that we work on, and we also back up our work with a 30-year product warranty. Your roof is more than just a shelter for your home – it’s an investment! Having a top-quality roof adds value to your property.  Set up a consultation at a time that is convenient for you and our roofing professionals will guide you through the project scope, timeline, and costs. Call today and get a free estimate!