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You need a roof that protects against everything Kelowna’s environment throws at you. 

Your roof is a crucial protective layer between what you hold most dear and Kelowna’s constantly fluctuating seasonal weather and environmental conditions.

From scorching heat to metres of snow, to soot, ash, and cinder that may blow your way from nearby seasonal wildfires – Advanced Level Roofing’s Kelowna roofing professionals are here to help you get the very best and most protective roofing available.

The local Kelowna roofing experts here at Advanced Level Roofing have the skills, experience, and incredible commitment to help you with all of your residential, commercial, and industrial roofing needs.

Our reputation rests on your roof.

Our product and service warranties are among the best in the business, and we back both up with the kind of exceptional customer service that you ought to expect from an established, professional, and community-focused roofing company.

Let us earn your business.

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Consider Advanced Level Roofing to  your friendly neighbourhood roofing company. We work all across the amazing city of Kelowna to help you with new roof installations, roof replacements, roof repairs and roof maintenance for your home or business.

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Meet Our Kelowna Roofing Team

Meet the fine folks who make Advanced Level Roofing in Kelowna strong.

We are so very proud of the work this amazing team of talented and dedicated Kelowna roofers, roofing estimators, and staff does – we are here thanks to their continuous hard work!

When you contact Advanced Level Roofing, you will be directly in contact with these top Kelowna roofing professionals:

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Head shot of our roofing estimator, Will.


Operations Assistant

Head shot of our roofing estimator, Will.


Admin Assistant

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VP/Operations Manager

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Operations Assistant

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VP of Sales

Rae - Reception


Admin Assistant

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Administrative Director

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Admin Assistant

Quick Advanced Level Roofing Facts:

1. Our experienced and professional roofing teams complete around 1,000 roofs per year.

2. We pride ourselves on doing high quality work, quickly. Almost all of our roofs have a 1 day turnaround time.

3. We want you to go into this with the best information available, so we offer free, no-obligation quotes.

4. We promise a 24-hour turn-around for quotes, quality control inspections, and all emergency calls.

5. Once we’re done, you won’t even notice we were there! We use a dump trailer instead of a bin, which allows us to keep your property clean. It also allows us to be out of your hair ASAP and without a trace. We tarp everything to make sure no loose debris is left around your property. Finally, we run a strong magnet through your lawn to make sure there aren’t nails or other metal roofing debris left behind. The only thing left once we are done is your new roof!

6. We provide one-on-one representation for each our roofing clients. Customer service is our foremost priority.


Kelowna’s #1 Roofing Company

Our top goal is to be Kelowna’s best roofing company, and we are are working hard to get there!

We never stop putting into action our dedication to hard work, our commitment to superior quality, and our mission of going above & beyond for each and every customer.

Our Standards:

Advanced Level Roofing is committed to the highest standards of product quality and service. As such, what other Kelowna roofing companies consider “extras”are fully included with us:

• Metal drip edges and manufactured cut capping
• Manufactured starter strips
• 6 nails for every shingle
• Vents
• Plumbing collars
• Goosenecks
• Ice & Water Shields


We use products from companies we trust with excellent reputations like IKO.

√ 1-day turn-around time for virtually all of our Kelowna roofing projects.

√ 30-year warranty on all of our products.

Our no trace guarantee:
We protect everything that could be impacted by our work by either moving it out of harm’s way or tarping it and we promise to fully clean up after ourselves – including your roof and its surrounding property. You won’t even know we were there!

IKO Logo

We stake our reputation on each & every roofing project we do.

While it may sound like a “humble brag”, our reviews are glowing and 100% authentic. That’s because we make your total satisfaction a top priority. We work hard to give each and every client the best roof and the best roofing experience because we know that our reputation rests on your roof.

We offer one-day turnaround times on virtually all our residential Kelowna roofing work.

We respect your time and we know that having your roof repaired is never “convenient”, so our roofers provide one-day results on almost all of our work. We also give you quotes you can bank on within 24 hours. We work hard to get it done right and to get it done fast so you can get back to life as normal.

30-year roofing products warranty.

Our confidence in the superiority of our workmanship and the strength of the products we use is reflected in our warranties. This includes a 30 year warranty on all of our products and one of the strongest workmanship guarantees in the industry. Click here to learn more about our work ethic.

Experienced Kelowna roofers with in-depth knowledge of the insurance claims process.

Advanced Level Roofing is here to help you navigate confusing insurance claims for your roof repair or replacement project. Insurance claims can be a daunting and difficult process, but we are here to help you every step of the way. From communications to paperwork, we are at your service the entire time.

Our “leave no trace guarantee” means your property will be precisely as it was once our work is completed.

We start by positioning tarps and moving anything that could be impacted by our roofing work. Once work is done and your roof is good to go, we clean up everything – we sweep, shovel, haul, and even run industrial magnets over your property to pick up any loose metal roofing debris. We leave your place exactly as it was before we came, with the only exception being your great new roof!

Our dedicated Kelowna roofing crews help save your money, your time, and your peace of mind.

We include as standard what other roofers in Kelowna consider “extras”, such as manufactured cut capping, metal drip edges, manufactured starter strips, 6 nails for every shingle, plumbing collars, goosenecks, and ice & water shields. Have total confidence that your roof is in the best hands with Advanced Level Roofing. Contact us to learn more.

The badge we got for winning HomeStars Best of award for 2019!
HomeStars Verified

Twice as Nice: Advanced Level Roofing  Crowned 2019 and 2020 HomeStars Best of Award Winner!

EDMONTON, AB  — April 9, 2020  Advanced Level Roofing announced today that they have been selected as a 2020 “Best of Award” Winner by HomeStars. This marks 2 years in a row that Advanced Level Roofing has been honoured by HomeStars with the “Best of Award” and Advanced Level Roofing could not be more proud! Hailed as HomeStars’ highest honour, the Best of Awards, presented by DEWALT and Canadian Contractor, recognizes the most trusted home service professionals in HomeStars’ network of over 60k pros, vetted and crowned for their commitment to consistency, integrity and unparalleled customer service. “Our Best of Award Winners set the standard for home service pros in our network,” says Nancy Peterson, CEO of HomeStars. “This award is a testament to their unwavering excellence and commitment towards the quality of their trade.” Advanced Level Roofing was honoured at this year’s Best of Awards on February 27th at The Commons in Edmonton, where winners accepted their awards, had their photo taken with Nancy and networked with fellow winners as a celebration of their incredible achievements. A “HomeStars Best of 2019” badge now appears on Advanced Level Roofing’s profile as a sign of their commitment to quality, showing homeowners they’re a top choice for their next home reno or repair project.   See what customers have to say on HomeStars and join hundreds of happy clients who have made Advanced Level Roofing their first choice for hire.

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us


“Advance Level Roofing did not disappoint! We recently had our roof replace and are super happy with the outcome. We were totally impressed by the crew and the one day it took to finish. Highly recommend !!! Thanks Guys!”

Tanya Becker – Calgary, AB


I was impressed with Advanced Level Roofing from the start with the Estimator all the way to the follow up person David! Advanced is a very professional company! They are leaps and bounds ahead all competition! Very impressed with the roof crew! Will highly recommend to friends and neighbors!

Dwight Littlechilds – Calgary, AB


“I was impressed as how efficient my roof was done. The amazing crew made sure that they clean as they go. My sons noticed that almost every houses in my neighborhood has the Advanced Level Roofing sign on their lawn; he was like “Mommy, are they number 1?” I asked him, ” What do you think?” He gave me a thumbs up!”

Fema Gallego – Calgary, AB