Looking for a New Roof in Edmonton?

The weather in Alberta can be crazy! Edmontonians know all too well that the weather can range from mild one day to a raging winter blizzard the next! Advanced Level Roofing knows that choosing the right roof when you live in this beautiful Alberta city is very important. Edmonton roofing can be complex. A good roof is an investment that will protect your property for years! Our expert roofers will guide you through the process of choosing the roof that’s right for you!

A Roof Built for Edmonton Weather

Hail on a roof

Here in Edmonton, we know that choosing shingles that will withstand high winds, hail, and blizzards is crucial. If you’re concerned that your roof may have been damaged during a storm, our roofing experts at Advanced Level Roofing will give you a free consultation to discuss which roofing options are best for you! We carry IKO shingles such as IKO High-Performance Shingles that are specially designed for exceptional high-wind and weather durability.


Improve the Value of Your Home

A good quality roof will protect your property against roof repairs such as attic and ceiling damage. It will also offer protection against interior mold and mildew issues. Mold can quickly spread through your home where it can penetrate walls and furniture. Black mold is one of the most common types of molds, and the process to remove it can be very time-consuming and expensive. A leaking roof can also lead to the rafters, ceiling joist, and framing being damaged in your home. These leaks can lead to wood rotting and deteriorating. Having a good quality roof will give both you and prospective buyers peace of mind!

Save Money with a Good Quality Roof

Who doesn’t love saving money? One costly side effect of having poor quality or leaking roofs is high utility bills. Advanced Level Roofing’s expert roofers will install a quality roof. Having a more efficient roof will also help to prevent energy loss and will help to lower your utility bills! You can keep out the cold Edmonton winter weather more efficiently and save money!

Should I Repair My Roof During the Winter?

A house covered in snow and icicles

There’s no easy answer to this question. We know that the winter in Edmonton can be very harsh. Assessing your roof to see how severe the damage might be is important. In some cases, it is better to complete the roof repairs as soon as possible so that your property isn’t damaged during the remainder of the winter. Our professional roofers are trained to assess the situation and will give you a free estimate. Advanced Level Roofing has many years of experience in winter roof repairs in Edmonton and will also help you to ensure that your property is protected.

Contact Advanced Level Roofing today to get your free estimate! We will help you with your Edmonton roofing needs and will ensure that you have a strong roof for years to come!