Hailstorm Damage

The summer may be short in Alberta, but it can be fierce. There are often intense storms with high winds and damaging hail. Over the years, hailstorms have caused extensive damage to properties in Calgary, AB. Who can forget the hailstorm that occurred on June 13th, 2020? That storm caused widespread devastation throughout the northeast of Calgary and severely damaged many residential and commercial properties. Many houses needed siding and roof repairs after they were damaged by hail. Advanced Level Roofing has extensive experience with roof repairs. We will guide you if hail damages your home. Additionally, our experts aim to have a roof repair quote ready for you within a day of inspecting the damage. We also repair both residential and commercial properties. We offer the roof repair Calgary loves!

Should I Check My Roof for Damage?

You should survey your property for damage after a hailstorm. It’s far easier to spot damage to your vehicles, outdoor furniture, and the exterior of your home than it is to assess if your roof has been damaged. If you think that hail has damaged your roof, call Advanced Level Roofing for a free roof inspection. Our roofing experts will assess the damage and will provide you with a free estimate. Not all damage from hailstorms will cause your roof to leak. Therefore, if your roof isn’t leaking, it might not need to be repaired immediately. Our roofing experts will also assess the damage and will provide you with a free estimate. Additionally, our roofing experts can do an emergency patch/waterproofing if your roof is leaking. This will also prevent further damage from being done to your property.

Signs of Roof Damage

There are three major signs of hail damage to a roof.

  • Granules: Our experts will check to see if there are missing pieces in the asphalt of the roof. Areas of the shingles may be exposed and show black substrate. This indicates that the granules of the asphalt have been damaged or knocked off.
  • Bruising: We will check to see if there are signs of bruising in the shingles. These bruises are not always visible. Our experts will run their hands over the shingles to feel for small dimples to see if there is any give. If there is give it means that there is also deterioration in the shingle.
  • Cracking: Our experts will also check to see if the hail has caused cracks in the shingles. Large hailstones are capable of making a circular crack if they hit with enough force.


Many insurance adjusters require a quote from a professional roofing contractor before they will permit roof repair work to begin. Unfortunately, this can often be a lengthy process. After permission from your insurance company has been granted, Advanced Level Roofing will schedule a day for roof repairs that is best for you. This usually happens within a few days of your insurance claim being processed. Additionally, our roof repairs and roof installations are often finished in as little as one day. This also includes a full on-site cleanup. Our expert roofers in Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg will ensure that your roof is in tip-top shape.

What Should I Do Now?

If you think that your roof has been damaged by a hailstorm, call Advanced Level Roofing to get a free estimate. Our roofing experts will make an appointment for a time that suits you. We will guide you through the process of repairing your roof. Our roof repairs are also usually finished within one day. We offer the roof repair Calgary loves! Call today to schedule your free estimate!