Advanced Level Roofing is proud to be an IKO™ Craftsman Installer. We use only the best materials for every project we work on, and we back it up with the strongest 30-year product warranty around.

We have won the 2023 roofing contractor of the year in Western Canada!

Join us in celebrating our contractor of the year award from IKO.

IKO Residential Roofing Shingles – Made right here in Calgary

IKO Designer Shingles

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Estate homes and properties of caliber demand a type of roofing that’s as distinctive, beautiful and unique as they are.

IKO Designer Shingles

Beautiful. Distinctive. Unique. The three designer roofing shingles in this line mimic the look of natural slate tiles or cedar shakes without their associated maintenance worries and cost.

IKO Armourshake, Crowne Slate and Royal Estate all deliver the ultimate in weather protection for estate homes and other high-caliber properties.

IKO Designer Shingles - Crown Slate IKO Designer Shingles - Armourshake IKO Designer Shingles - Royal Estate
IKO Performance Shingles

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Performance you can trust to maximize protection against wind uplift, water penetration and other severe weather conditions.

IKO High Performance Shingles.

Who has seen the wind and the damage it can do? According to a number of studies, almost everyone in North America, no matter where they live because extreme weather events like high winds, fierce storms and damaging hail are on the rise.

The IKO Performance Collection includes IKO Dynasty® and Nordic™ shingles, reinforced with ArmourZone® for exceptional high-wind and weather performance.

IKO Performance Shingles - Nordic IKO Performance Shingles - Dynasty
IKO Architectural Shingles

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Cambridge laminated architectural roofing shingles are IKO’s most popular among homeowners and roofing contractors.

IKO Architectural Shingles

The roofing shingles in IKO’s Architectural Collection provide superior weather protection and boost curb appeal for homes throughout the United States and Canada as well as many export markets.

Available in a full range of colors and in Cool Colors for select markets, IKO Cambridge shingles remain among our most popular.

IKO Architectural Shingles - Cambridge IKO Architectural Shingles - Cambridge - Cool Colors
IKO Traditional Shingles

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Your choice of asphalt roofing shingles can make your home stand out or blend into its natural surroundings.

IKO Traditional 3-Tab Shingles

The 3-tab asphalt roofing shingles have stood the test of time. They remain an affordable choice for those who seek weather protection and color blends to complement their home. Marathon Plus AR shingles are manufactured with IKO’s computer-controlled technology for consistent size and shape.

IKO Marathon Plus AR is a time-tested, traditional 3-tab roofing shingle. Its weather-resistant design is based on a solid construction of durable fiberglass mat to help shield homes against the forces of nature. The classic design of IKO Marathon Plus AR will flatter any style of home and the blue-green algae-resistant granules embedded into these shingles will keep them looking great for years to come.

IKO Traditional Shingles - Marathon Plus AR

More Colors

Brown Shingles

IKO Shinlges - 3-Tab - Driftwood IKO Shingles - Royal Estate - Harvest Slate IKO Shingles - Royal Estate - Taupe Slate IKO Shingles - Dynasty - Sedona IKO Shingles - Nordic - Shadow Brown IKO Shingles - Dynasty - Driftshake IKO Shingles - Dynasty - Brownstone IKO Shingles - Desert-Gold IKO Shingles - Cambridge - Weatherwood CoolPlus IKO Shingles - Cambridge - Weatherwood IKO Shingles - Cambridge - SandDune Cool IKO Shingles - Cambridge - EarthTone Cedar IKO Shingles - Cambridge - Dual Brown IKO Shingles - Cambridge - DualBrown CoolPlus IKO Shingles - Cambridge - Driftwood IKO Shingles - Cambridge - CanyonOak Cool IKO Shingles - Cambridge - Beachwood IKO Shingles - Armourshake - Weathered Stone IKO Shingles - 3-Tab - Weatherwood IKO Shingles - 3-Tab - EarthTone Cedar IKO Shingles - 3-Tab - Dual Brown

Gray Shingles

IKO Shingles - 3-Tab - Charcoal Grey IKO Shingles - Royal Estate - Mountain Slate IKO Shingles - Dynasty - Frostone IKO Shingles - Dynasty - Castle Grey IKO Shingles - Crowne Slate - Regal Stone IKO Shingles - Cambridge - Harvard Slate - CoolPlus IKO Shingles - Cambridge - Harvard Slate IKO Shingles - Cambridge - Dual Grey IKO Shingles - Cambridge - Charcoal Grey IKO Shingles - Armourshake - Greystone IKO Shingles - 3-Tab - Harvard Slate IKO Shingles - 3-Tab - Dual Grey

Red Shingles

IKO Shingles - Dynasty - Monaco Red IKO Shingles - Cambridge - Aged Redwood IKO Shingles - Armourshake - Western Redwood IKO Shingles - 3-Tab - Aged Redwood

Black Shingles

IKO Shingles - 3-Tab - Dual Black IKO Shingles - Royal Estate - Shadow Slate IKO Shingles - Dynasty - Granite Black IKO Shingles - Dynasty - Glacier IKO Shingles - Cambridge - Graphite Black - CoolPlus IKO Shingles - Cambridge - Dual Black IKO Shingles - Armourshake - Shadow Black

Blue Shingles

IKO Shingles - Dynasty - Atlantic Blue

Green Shingles

IKO Shingles - Dynasty - Emerald Green

White Shingles

IKO Shingles - 3-Tab - Birchwood IKO Shingles - Cambridge - Cool Colors - Arctic White IKO Shingles - Cambridge - Super White

Other Colors

IKO Shingles - Armourshake - Chalet Wood IKO Shingles - Dynasty - Pacific Rim IKO Shingles - Dynasty - Biscayne IKO Shingles - Dynasty - Cornerstone IKO Shingles - Dynasty - Appalachian IKO Shingles - Crowne Slate - Royal Granite IKO Shingles - Cambridge - Cool Colors - Amber Burst IKO Shingles - Cambridge - Patriot Slate

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