The weather in Edmonton, AB can fluctuate throughout the winter. These temperature changes may result in the snow on your roof melting and then freezing into ice when the temperature drops. This is very common when the spring begins as the sun is warm enough during the day to melt the snow and then it cools and freezes during the nighttime. This can be a big headache for homeowners as it may result in an ice dam.

What is an Ice Dam?

Ice dams occur when there is a buildup of ice on the edge of a roof. They are cause for concern as they may prevent water from properly draining. Ice dams frequently cause blockages in eavestroughs which then may cause water to pool against your roof. This excess water can begin to enter your home through the exterior walls and cause damage. Icicles look pretty, however, they are a sign that an ice dam is forming. They can quickly grow into a huge ice dam if they are not removed immediately. Water is very heavy and an ice dam that is not dealt with may grow heavy enough to pull the eavestroughs away from your roof resulting in costly damage.

The water that is trapped by the ice dam may begin to seep through the shingles on your roof and freeze. It will then expand during the freeze-thaw cycle and may loosen the shingles. The water will continue to penetrate through your roof until you finally have a leak and interior water damage to your home. moisture leaking into your home may damage the insulation and cause mould to grow. It is very important to get rid of any mould in your home as quickly as possible as it can lead to respiratory illnesses.

Protecting Your Roof from Ice Damming

Ice dams need snow on the roof before they can form. If you can safely remove snow from your roof, this will reduce the likelihood of this snow thawing and melting. The lack of melting snow will prevent ice dams from forming. This will prevent water from accumulating and leaking into your home.

A great way to prevent ice dams from occurring is to have both your roof and attic inspected. The expert roofers at Advanced Level Roofing can inspect your attic to see if there is a proper amount of insulation. An attic that has been properly insulated and vented will reduce the chance of an ice dam forming. This will prevent heat from escaping through the roof and causing the snow on the roof to melt.

Get an Estimate

Advanced Level Roofing in Edmonton, AB is an expert in preventing ice dams and repairing your roof should one occur. Contact the Edmonton roofing experts at Advanced Level Roofing to set up an inspection. Our Edmonton roofing contractors will assess your property to determine the best way to prevent ice dams from occurring. If you are worried that you do have an ice dam and that it has caused a leak, call today to set up a free inspection at a time that is convenient for you. Our roofers have been extensively trained in roofing in the winter. Our roof repair experts will examine the damage and will give you a free estimate for repair. Advanced Level Roofing provides the roofing Edmonton loves!