At Advanced Level Roofing we’ve got you covered. We provide you with one of the best turn-around times in the industry and back up our product with a 100% solid warranty – all for a fair price.


What We Do

Roofing & Siding

We do both residential and commercial roofing and siding.

Eavestrough, soffits, fascia, and metal cladding

We're "seasoned" experts in protecting your home from Alberta's unique climate.

Fast & Efficient

Fast quotes you can bank on and roofing jobs typically completed in 1 day – we quickly & efficiently deliver the best quality roof.

We've Got You Covered

Advanced Level Roofing Services

Residential Roofing

Premium quality roofing for a fair price and in good time is what we specialize in. We use only the best materials that are backed by a solid warranty and installed by some of the very best in the business.


Roofs & siding go together like peanut butter & jelly, so we make sure the siding we provide you with is equally as good as the roofs we install.

Eavestrough Installation

Eavestroughing is crucial to keeping your roof in tip-top shape. This is why we proudly install eavestroughing that is designed to withstand the test of time and southern Alberta's weather.

Soffitt, Fascia, Metal Cladding

No roof project is complete without the right accessories, and we put in the effort to make sure your new roof gets the right roofing accessories for your specific purposes.


We bring the same quality workmanship and customer-focused service standards to our deck projects that we do to our superior roof installations & repairs.


We build fences that not only create a secure barrier for your property, but also look fantastic and last for years to come.


Insurance Claims

Dealing with insurance claims, talking to adjusters and making sure you get reimbursed for all covered damages can be is a daunting process.

At Advance Level Roofing, we make claiming for insurance easy. We will help you fill out the right documentation and provide a professional roofing or siding damage assessment to ensure you receive the best from your home owners insurance coverage. 

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